Emirates Urological Society

The Emirates Urological Society (EUS) was launched in May 2011 as a sub-specialty of the Emirates Medical Association (EMA). The EUS mission is to strengthen and promote the practice of urology medicine to improve the quality of life of the people of the UAE; support the promotion of healthcare awareness; foster maintaining high standards of care in urological medicine by facilitating access to the latest innovations and quality scientific and medical education to meet the needs of its members.

EUS continuously aims to collect, collate and disseminate knowledge and innovations concerning the educational, research and service provision aspects of the urology practice by encouraging and supporting the development of academic organisations of urologist physicians and representing the UAE before regional and international organisations and at meetings and forums concerned with health and medical care.

EUS Board Members

AbdulQadir Al-Zarooni

President of EUS

Yasser Saeedi

Vice-President of EUS

Younis Alshamsi

General Secretary of EUS

Yasser Farahat

Head of Scientific Section

Youssef Al Murrawi

EUS Cultural Committee Chair